This new and original collection, signed Vetro&Design, it resume the semplicity and the beauty site in every single object of daily use, sight by a new point of view made for exalt its forms.

We have simply take a stem glass and turn upside down it...this operation has made a new item, unique and emotional. A one-flower vase that surprise and amaze the observer.


Simple and unique these one-flower vases are appreciated as an ornamental element usable for decorate the boards. These items already decorate the board of the best restaurants of the world.


For offer to our clients freedom in the possibilities of decoration and customization we have made various forms, size and colors.

Loosely based on the concept of "Upside Down World" expressed with its works by Marc Chagall who said: "A man walking must be mirrored by another heading in the opposite direction to underline his movement.

A vase standing vertically does not exist, because it is necessary for it to fall to prove its stability", this collection bring a new and unforseen vision of the world at which we are still used to see it.


You can choose items part of the Bicchieri Capovolti collection, all made and garanted by Vetro&Design, with the form and the color that you prefere.