Cuatro Elementos, the four elements:  Air, Water, Fire and earth.

The Air, the most light element, it's invisible but is a real force. The air is a intangible space that surround us, in that we breath, it's a necessary life bringer energy.


The water has a great esoteric value, it's the of fountain of life, the well of primordial fluid, it preserve and give the start to life.


The Fire is a dynamic element, it can transform the matter: the fire can purify, it may elevate the matter to a most perfect level.


The earth is considered in more cultures the most sacred and divine element, it is a symbol of primordial matter. Earth is at the same time mother and nutriment, fertile and creative.


Thinking about this elements we have made this particular line of vases. The fire is a very important element because it can let us to give life to this handcrafted sculpture.

Cuatro Elementos born from the need to participate to an important Paris event of design, relating to the four primordial elements of nature.


Trunks, sections, branches, ivy and roots become the bases of the refined blown ampoules, layed down by fire, like to transparent water drops, ready to house the most beautiful flowers. Every single vase is a unique item, because the forms who earth offer to us are unique.


To buy a Vetro&Design vase of the Quatro Elementos collection is a way to choose an original piece of nature and craftmanship made in Italy and so you will  donate a second life to an abandoned and useless object.