The iMagnetic collection it's perfect for decorate the board of every event staging, it has the possibility to create in a little space, mixing multiple and refined glass form of various size, transparences and colors, high visual impact compositions.


Even if you show the item individually, the various elements of the iMagnetic collection have a great and emotional impact on the observer, thank to their extraordinary balanced effect of "Magic Equilibrium".

" I had the need to design a one-flower vase that will less hulking as possible, for the decoration of "tête-à-tête" board with fifty centimeters side. I have taken a cilinder with diameter of twentytwo millimeters and height of two hundred millimeters, the minimum size for housing the necessary quantity of water for a flower, I put it to vertical and I've asked to myself: In wich way can I magically sustain it?".

This is the hystory of iMagnetic born, amazing magnetic vase of great visual impact, explained with the designer words: Moreno Masin.


iMagnetic collection includes a great selection of patented glass objects with various forms: cilinder, cup stem, stem candle holder, with strong magnets in the base.

The metalic base has a tickness of only one millimeter and is avaiable in various size, arranged by sight.

These items have refined and well-finished look.

Putted on a board and settle down a cloth or a tablecloth, these objects stay in vertical position with only 22/30 mm basement on heigth up to 520 mm and create a very amazing effect of equilibrium in a little space.