The balloon are always synonim of fun, it bring fest atmosphere, and when it fly in the sky, passing the obstacles and the phisical limits, it create a sense of infinite freedom and the need to dream.


By these considerations born the new collection iPalloncini, one-flower vase is avaiable in different forms and colors. This item recalls to you the simple and amazing form of the balloon.


iPalloncini is a collection of vases and decorative items, made in blown glass it is avaiable in four different forms: vertical, horizontal, oblique or dangling. Every form is avaiable in four size in accord to the needs and the space of our clients.


Thanks to the great customization possibility, iPalloncini can be used like funny bombonnieres or like staging objects for particular events.

Great customization possibility is given by the color choice; Thirteen eco-friendly colors are infact available: rubin red, yellow, orange, fuchsia, lilac, green, blue, blue people there, azure, amber, transparent and on demand, white or opaque black.


With the dangling form of iPalloncini is inclused a steel rope and a clip to hang up and fixed them.


On demand it's possible include in this form little letters made by white forex in accord with the size of the balloon.


Like every other item made by Vetro&Design, this collection is handmade in our workshop with particular attention for details and materials of high quality.