"Letter, initial, decoration, vase: this is my thoughts when I project this item".

In this way, the designer Moreno Masin, explain the born of this beloved item made by Vetro&Design.


The Letter Vase, is a original one-flower vase with letter shape, it's a perfect item to decorate homes and any other ambient, it can be a very special gift or bombonnieres.


With this vase, ad example, you can compose writing to promote your business or simply donate an item with the name's initial of the receiver, and in generally to underline everything word you love or is important for you. With Letter Vase it's possible to draw attention to your creativity and emotions.


Every single letter with the small and elegant magnet's equiped (3 or 4 pieces for letter, or more in accord to the dimension of it) may become a space to place your pictures or a notice board.

The items of the Letter Vase collection, is made with three different metallic materials: Stainless steel, Cor-ten steel or white painted metal.

The item is avaiable on four different size: 100/150/200/300 mm (height)


It will be funny decorate your house with Letter Vase or donate it to your loved ones.


In addiction at the single letter, we can realize, for you, writing of entire words or complete name and on demand istitutional brand for companies or customizable version perfects for events of every type.