In 1998 the designer Moreno Masin, the actual creative soul of Vetro&Design, started the trail that will bring him to create this company.

Moreno's wishes were to realize artistic objects made of blown glass, inspired by nature's forms, like flowers, leafs and animals.

In 2000 born the first line of artistic products like pitchers, candle holders, glasses, vases and centerpieces, with classic contemporary forms and colors. This products have a great decorative impact and at the same time, they are usable in daily life.

In 2001 Vetro&Design began to sell its products with an exclusive commercial network, with the mission to bring these works in the best gift shops and bombonnieres shops in the Northern Italy, particularly in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino and Lombardia.

With great attention to the trends and to the client's final needs, and thanks to the experience with handmade materials and by the contact with different realities and ideas, in 2005, Vetro&Design began to explore with a strong collaboration with masters artisan glass makers the utilization of new technics and materials.

The achievement of a perfect synchronicity between the project and the realization has made possible the official born of Vetro&Design in 2006.

The brand combine the experiences of masters artisans, glass maker, metal makers and stone makers of Vicenza.

Since 2007, to the Vetro&Design catalogue are added to the Murano's blown glass products, elements of furniture, lighting, wrought iron, Vicenza's stone base, objects with handcrafted details.

These are real artistic works "made in Italy".


In 2008, Vetro&Design continued to follow his innovation project, and opened his own official internet site, with the intent to conquer the national and the worldwide market and to make bigger the brand reputation.

Vetro&Design CEO

Today Vetro&Design plans lines of contemporary artistic objects with innovation, these are inspired by nature and  blending of them in his products.

Vetro&Design is really careful about impact on environment of his products, in fact some of these realizations bring to a second life some disuse and abandon objects.


Vetro&Design is a ideas factory, where every handcraft product is made by creative process to transform it in a unique and original item, completely customised, with particular style in accord with your home's and shop's needs.