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Delivery Information

 Area of application:
These delivery terms apply to private or business customer orders with place of delivery "Italy", conditional upon other agreements.
Shipping Costs
The delivery in Italy is carried out by DHL Express / Poste Italiane / SDA or DHL.
All shop prices include Italian VAT of 22%. As a business outside of Italy, you will receive a tax free intracommunity delivery. In order to receive this, you must provide us with your tax-id number while placing your order.

Delivery time:
Shipment typically occurs one business day after the order (respectively the payment) is received. Delivery time can be up to 7 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays). 
Information regarding the calculation of the delivery deadline: 
In the case of prepayment, delivery time starts the day after the bank has received your payment authorization. For all other payment methods, delivery time starts the day after signing the contract and ends on the last day of the delivery deadline. If the last day is a Saturday, Sunday or a generally recognized holiday at the place of delivery, the delivery deadlines moves to the next business day.

Pre-payment to our bank account in Italy
We will send you our account details via e-mail with the order confirmation. As soon as we receive your payment, we will ship you the merchandise.
We will send you an invoice with the shipment. The net invoice amount is payable within 30 days without deductions. We deliver on account only to public institutions (schools, museums, universities, etc.), government agencies and well known companies. We reserve the right to request pre-payment from companies unknown to us or for very large orders.
Credit card (Master Card, VISA, American Express)
Payment will be completed at the end of the order over a secure connection. Please note that your credit card company might charge you an international fee since our company is based in Italy.
Payment will be completed at the end of the order over a secure connection.