Frequently the best ideas born from the collaboration with our customers.

Structures Words born in this way, designed to satisfy the needs of our florists and decorators.


The Structures Words collection is available on various parallelepiped form an in various size, decorated with laser carving of letters, numbers and symbols.


The metals we use to made these items is Cor-Ten steel and RAL 9010 painted white metal.


The matters of the Structures Words collection are the same of the Letter Vase collection; The bodies of this collection are the perfect expository space for the Letter Vase items.

The bodies of Structures Words don't have any welding, but it can be assembled and disassembled because they are designed for be assembled with allen key screw with rounded head, burnished or in stainless steel.


The items of The Structure Words are completely customizable in carving and size; Is available on demand a lights led's RGB system programmable by remote control.


The Structures Words collection is perfect for the decoration of outside environment and for the staging of gardens and terraces, because the steel Cor-Ten version of this product can resist for decades to the weather.