A vase is by definition a receptacle of different forms and materials made for contain liquid objects.

Normally we can identify  an object at various distances infact we can see what we are looking.


Vetro&Design has amused itself, planning and creating vases identificable only when we are close by them.

We give an original shape to common use object because some of our targets are to inspire a little emotion and to amaze the observer.


With this collection we have transformed the materia, playing with its nature and combining different materials with opposite characteristics.

The glass, that is synonim of fragility and delicacy and the Iron, that is synonim of strenght and hardness.

It's very rare to see the glass, apparently fragile, rexist to the pressure of barbed iron spike.


Vetro Fakiro is a receptacle for liquids, can give you the emotion of the strange contrast between the glass, as like a delicate water drop, and the iron spike that sustain it, amazing effect exalted by the natural water's transparency.


Craftmanship, elegance, functionality and semplicity is the strong points of this collection.


The Vetro Fakiro collection is dedicated to people who love to decorate and customize his own home in original way, modern and refined.